In cooperation with one of the world's foremost experts on critical infrastructure security, Chairseven is proud to announce its latest course book on the subject.  Principles of Electrical Utility Security teaches students the history of electrical infrastructure, foundational security concepts, and the vital role both physical and cyber security has in the modern era of systems design.


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Key Equations Powerpoint

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Major Topics:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection 

  • Grid Types

  • Generation and Delivery

  • Load Balancing and Planning

  • Critical Assets and Risk Assessment

  • Electronic Social Engineering

  • Cryptography

  • Electronic Security and Hacking

  • Electronic Attacks

  • Countermeasures to Attacks

  • Planning and Testing

  • Audits

  • Personnel and Environmental Protection

  • Security Costs


The Author


A leading expert in the Utility Security space brings the latest in infrastructure technology to a new generation of security engineers.


Dr. Albert Carlson began working in security in the US Army as an Electronic Warfare and Cryptography officer after completing college in 1977 at the University of Illinois.  Throughout his career Dr. Carlson has been involved in developing new technology and keeping it secure.


In over 25 years in industry, he has developed electronics, software, management policy, and designed security.  He is trained in Critical Infrastructure Protection and Auditing, spending a number of years working for a leading electrical utility consultant evaluating and designing protection for generating and distribution facilities in the Western United States. 


Dr. Carlson earned his PhD in Computer Science, specializing in set theory applied to cryptography, at the University of Idaho (one of the original Seven Centers of Excellence for the NSA).  He is presently an Assistant Professor in Math and Computer Science at Fontbonne University in St. Louis.  His current research involves the use of information theory and randomization in decryption.


This book is scheduled to be released Fall 2015.

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